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In order to achieve restructuring and renewal, ACT must be a catalyst for competence development and innovation work.

The cluster management are active promoters and facilitates measures for the members in ACT. Services we can be helpful with

  • Connection to companies both inside and outside the cluster
  • EU-consulting
  • Innovation consulting
  • Project development
  • Ice Breaker workshops
  • Process management
  • Idea assessment – for founders, start-ups and established businesses
  • Pre-incubation and Incubation process
  • Business development for large companies
  • Tailor-made courses and measures for training
  • Supplier-challenge
  • Facilitate excursions
  • Facilitate meetings with cluster partners
  • Coordinating company visits
  • ACT 360
  • Application support “SkatteFUNN”
  • Practice pitching

Please contact us for more information.