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ACT ScientifIQ


ACT ScientifIQ is a group consisting of a research environment, expertise and capasity in Helgeland.

By highlighting and coordinating such capacity, we will point to an ecosystem of research and researchers in the region. Many of the research environments are at the top in their areas of expertise, and business in the region can solve several challenges locally by drawing on this expertise. Together, we will help lift the region into the future!

SINTEF Helgeland was established in 2016 and is an independent research institute that is organized as a separate company in the SINTEF group.
Headquartered at Mo, we primarily work with projects that will solve future challenges for business in the region. We have specialized in circular economy and sustainability, as well as the industry of the future, but also have projects in the fringes of these areas. Our areas of expertise focus on life cycle analyzes (LCA), material and energy flow analyses, chemistry, electrochemistry, emission monitoring and reductions, material technology and material recycling. Since the inception, we have gradually established ourselves as a solid R&D partner. We work closely with our customers to achieve relevant and good solutions. Several of the projects we have carried out, commercialization races have been started to put new technology and expertise into active use.

Our biggest customers are the large industrial companies in the region, but also several small companies and public organizations have recently actively adopted our research for the strategic further development of their businesses. We have also received funding for international projects through the EU within sustainability and digitalization.


Nemko Norlab is Norway’s leading laboratory company with services in e.g. analytical chemistry, microbiology, material testing, microscopy, environmental measurements, and consultancy.
The company has laboratories in the industrial parks on Herøya, in Mo i Rana and Glomfjord and along the coast from Møre to Salten. With our head office in Mo industrial park, we work with land-based industry, aquaculture, oil and gas and other businesses that will be important for the country for a long time to come. With high competence and dedicated employees, we develop new services, from today’s laboratory tests to integrated interfaces with customers through digital solutions. Nemko Norlab assists customers in the work with the green shift and in achieving the UN’s sustainability goals, we can do this by participating and running national projects related to technology and environmental monitoring. By doing this, we contributing to Norway taking an international leading role in the field.

Center for Industrial Business Development (SIF) is a research center under the Business School at Nord University, Campus Helgeland.

With a team of professors, associate professors, research fellows and administrative staff, SIF has a vision of being a leader in Norway in research and teaching at the intersection of industry, business development and innovation. Based on companies and innovation systems primarily within regional industries such as process industry and aquaculture, SIF research processes that lead to innovation, including innovation collaboration, regional development, circular economy, and tools for entrepreneurship. The research gives implications for companies, policy apparatus and policymaking at regional, national, and international level. SIF also delivers research-based teaching with regional and national relevance at Campus Helgeland: Bachelor in economics, digitization and business development, MBA in Technology Management and further education courses.

Rana Gruber is Norway’s largest mining company, with operations of both mines and processing plants. The iron ore from the mines is raw material for a wide range of products for metallurgical purposes, the chemical industry and special products such as pigments, water purifiers etc.

Rana Gruber is a specialist company with multidisciplinary expertise within, among other things, geology, geometallurgy, chemical analysis, IT and process technology.

The company is research and development driven and the work is led by a dedicated R&D department which is also responsible for laboratory operations. Cooperation with local expertise is, in addition to own expertise, very important for developing new products and processes. It is a strength for the company to have access to the strong competence environment found in the local area.

The scheme with Industrial Ph.D. through the Research Council has been used with good results and several new research projects are planned in collaboration with NTNU.

Sindre Nordmark Olufsen has his doctorate from SFI CASA at NTNU, and in the period 2020-2022 is employed as a postdoctoral fellow at SFI CASA, with a workplace at Campus Helgeland.

CASA, Center for Advanced Structural Analysis, is a center for research-based innovation (SFI) with funding from the Research Council of Norway and several industry partners in the period 2015-2023. The host is The Department of Construction Engineering at NTNU in Trondheim. The researchers at SFI CASA work on questions such as: What happens to structures and materials subjected to extreme, rapid stresses? How can we describe this behavior mathematically so that constructions and materials can make the world safer? Sindre Olufsen’s doctoral project was about modeling tough fracture in plastics. Using physical tests and computer simulations, Sindre has developed models that describe the behavior of plastic materials. He is a keen programmer, and has, among other things, developed computer programs for analyzing data from laboratory experiments.