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Forum and projects

ACT will be an attractive host for piloting and establishing the industry of the future across value chains.

With large resources in the form of renewable energy, minerals, and seafood, and with industrial infrastructure, there is much to do for restructuring and new sustainable industrial establishments in the north. ACT will help redeem these values.

Globally, the industry must become more climate and environmentally friendly, and development takes time. Today, the process industry accounts for around 20% of CO2 emissions in Norway and must achieve CO2-neutral production by 2050. The companies must therefore improve the footprint of their own products and strengthen their competitiveness through the reduction of landfill and the sale of by-products. Investors and customers are increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious, and manufacturers with a low environmental footprint and green products will attract more capital and strengthen their market position. To be successful, companies must have access to competent labor and proximity to research resources.

The three focus areas ACT has prioritized are to break down these barriers and contribute to Northern Norway becoming one of the most innovative and sustainable regions in Norway.

The three focus areas are:

  • New value chains
  • Digital transformation and sustainability
  • Infrastructure for innovative development