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What do we do?

The partnership consists of large and small organizations with a wide range of areas of expertise. Different parts of the value chain are represented in the cluster, and together they form the industrial center of gravity in the north.

The large industrial and technology companies in the cluster have extensive experience in competing both nationally and internationally and are of great importance for employment and value creation in the region. The cluster investment is supported by Prosess21, Innovation Norway Nordland, Nordland County Council, Northern Norway European Office, LO, NHO, NCE Eyde, NCE iKuben, Industrial Green Tech, Concrete Innovation Cluster N3C, Ocean Cluster Helgeland and VIA – Vital Infrastructure Arena..

Common and complementary interests

Through co-location and as international group companies in a competitive export industry, the core companies in the cluster have a great degree of functional proximity between them. For those companies with foreign owners, regional prerequisites for good operations and innovation are important for presence and to be able to compete for investments from the owners. Sustainable transformation of the process industry entails a need for strong regional suppliers and knowledge institutions, and the links have the potential to trigger innovation collaboration and the rapid spread of innovations within the environment and waste management, technology, and digitalization. When it comes to the development of digital and physical infrastructure, companies also have a lot to gain from interacting. Shared infrastructure is an important prerequisite for effective utilization of resources in a circular economy.


Geographic proximity

Many of the central cluster participants are co-located in Mo industrial park, which is the largest industrial environment in northern Norway with over 100 companies and 2,300 employees. In Vefsn, several of the cluster companies are co-located with Alcoa Mosjøen, which is the largest company in the cluster, and the cluster companies from Glomfjord are located inside an industrial business park. The center of gravity is in Helgeland, but for the cluster it is important to include all relevant industrial companies in the north, in addition to key research environments and academia both regionally and nationally.

Why are the actors important?

The strong commitment and ownership of the core companies in the cluster is critical for a successful implementation. Industrial process innovations have significant potential for greenhouse gas reductions, and the industry plays a key role in fulfilling Norway’s commitment in the Paris Agreement. A good example of this is Elkem Salten’s new cleaning technology, which has reduced NOX emissions by 50%. This corresponds to the emissions of 500,000 diesel cars. The process companies collaborate to find new solutions, and the suppliers contribute to innovation. A mix of large and small development-oriented supplier companies that are familiar with and close to the process industry will provide opportunities for both ‘first movers’ and international commercialization of new technology, products, and services. A collaboration with SINTEF, NTNU, UiT and other research institutions is critical for raising the level of innovation to a desired level, and for finding new solutions for CO2 capture, circular economy, and smart production.