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ACT aims to be a driving force for the sustainable transition of Norway.

Through increased innovation capacity and competitiveness for the industry, ACT will help fulfill Norway’s obligations under the Paris agreement.

The partnership consists of entreprises with a wide range of areas of expertise, and from different parts of the process industry value chain. The cluster is one of the leading industrial hubs in Norway. The major industrial and technological companies in the cluster have long experience of competing both nationally and internationally, and are of major importance for employment and value creation in the region.

Arctic Cluster Team is part of the national programme “Norwegian Innovation Clusters”. The program is organized by Innovation Norway, in joint effort with Siva (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway) and the Norwegian Research Council. Read more at

The cluster initiative is supported by Prosess21, Innovation Norway Nordland, Nordland County Council, North Norway European Office, LO, NHO, NCE Eyde, NCE iKuben, Industrial Green Tech, Concrete Innovation Cluster N3C, Ocean Cluster Helgeland and VIA – Vital Infrastruktur Arena.

Cluster Management
ACT is managed by a steering group consisting of 6-8 people, as well as two deputy representatives. The representatives are elected by the partnership at the annual meeting. The steering group chooses a leader among the members of the group. The steering group must be represenative for the members of the partnership when it comes to industry and geography. A minimum of six of the representatives must come from private companies and the steering group must represent manufacturers, the research environment, suppliers, entrepreneurs and investors. The steering group has broad experience from business, research and cluster development, and contributes with complementary expertise and networks.

The cluster manager and the cluster team are employees of Kunnskapsparken Helgeland (KPH), which is responsible for the operationalization and implementation of the project. Kunnskapsparken Helgeland is an innovation company that aims to increased sustainability, value creation and growth in Helgeland. KPH is part of SIVA’s national infrastructure for innovation and business development. With a large network, strong industrial ownership and a solid track record of results, KPH are well positioned to make a difference for the cluster.

Follow this link to see who’s part of the cluster management for ACT

Stronger together

The process industry has significant potential for greenhouse gas reductions, and the industry plays a key role in fulfilling Norway’s commitment in the Paris Agreement.

A collaboration with SINTEF, NTNU, UiT and other research institutions is important to raise the level of innovation to a desired level, and to find new innovative solutions for CO2 capture, circular economy and smart production.

The strong commitment and ownership of the core companies in the cluster is crucial for a successful implementation.

Do you want to contribute to new sustainable solutions? Please get in touch.

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