Dato(er) - 16/04/2020 - 07/05/2020
08:30 - 14:00


For å møte bedriftenes behov for å takle den pågående Korona-krisen, har TMG München sammen med Innovasjon Norge utviklet et kursprogram for ledere.

Kurset gjennomføres med nettundervisning 16., 23. og 30 april, og 7. mai.

Sentrale tema i kurset er:

  • Supply Chain Stabilization
  • Global Customer Engagement
  • Workforce Protection
  • Financial Stress Testing

Vi dekker 20% av deltakeravgiften for inntil 10 deltakere fra ACT til kurs i denne serien fra TMG München – maks 2 pr. bedrift. Se mer informasjon nedenfor og meld din interesse til mp@kph.no.

The COVID-19 outbreak, caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), is a deep humanitarian crisis that has also gravely affected the global economy. It is posing difficult—even unprecedented—challenges for business leaders.

They are finding that the fast-moving situation is impervious to familiar remedial actions. By the time a response is mounted, the situation has changed, and the scale, speed, and impact of issues have unexpectedly intensified.

Leaders everywhere have experienced some form of such disruption, though the magnitude of the present crisis is trying the lessons of human experience.

The struggle to avoid ineffective, reactive approaches have  consequently been all the more difficult.

Together with Innovation Norway, TMG München have developed a dynamic approach—a flexible management  structure for guiding the work—called the digital leadership center.

In an unfamiliar crisis, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, the digital leadership center concentrates crucial leadership skills and Industrie 4.0  capabilities and gives leaders the best chance of getting ahead of events rather than reacting to them.

Presentation with more details:

00 Responding to Corona Virus–Digital Leadership